Sunday, October 12, 2008

I made it home

Well, it is Sunday morning. I got home last night around midnight (that's when I actaully got home and was able to go to bed). The day was long and I was exhausted and as much as I wanted to sleep in this morning, I was awake at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. My body thought it was 1 in the afternoon. So here I am, I have unpacked, I have clothes in the wash and I am getting ready to go meet my parents for some lunch and then I will probably come home again and take a nap. I didn't want to keep anyone waiting too long so I am going to post a few photos. I will post more tomorrow and I hope to be able to get a short video put together with music and photos by the end of the week (I am going to be optimistic here). I hope everyone has enjoyed hearing about my trip. I am hoping to make a trip back in a few years and that will probably be to Northern Ireland. Enjoy the pictures!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Other than the one of you kissing the Blarney Stone (awesome picture!), I love the last picture the best. It really makes me want to go to Ireland. What a gorgeous picture and a beautiful day!

love, dawn